how much space per chicken

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    Apr 16, 2007
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    We have a Chick-N-Barn & Yard that we modified when we realized we wouldn't have our main coop/run finished before it was time for our 6 week old Banties to move outdoors. We love it, and now that our main coop/run is completed, the Chick-N-Barn/Yard is home to our 5 Bantam Silkies. At this time I am working on a cattle panel "day-time" run to add on to give them a bit more running room (still working on covering panels with 1/2" hardware cloth).

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    OK, now I'm getting confused. Firstly, let me admit that I'm a total newbie at this chicken keeping. Almost everything I know I've been gleaning from all of you here at BYC (and want to give you all many thanks for that). I do not have chickens yet, but am planning on getting a few next year for egg production. I've been lurking here trying to find out info for an appropriate coop, given that my woodworking skills are minimal, and my DH is dealing with health issues that mean I will need to do the majority of the work by myself. I am thinking of 4 to 5 laying hens, no rooster.

    Now for the "confused" part. Elderoo wrote: "Now, measure off 4 of them together on two sides, which equals 16 total in a square. That is 4 square feet". In my math that is actually 16 square feet. A square with 2 feet on each side would be 4 square feet, and is the measurement that I have been understanding when I read "4 sq. ft. per bird". Elderoo's square is a "4 foot square", not "4 square feet". Knowing nothing at all about the subject, I am still inclined to agree that 4 sq. ft. seems a little small. On the other hand, a 4 foot square (16 sq. ft) x 5 (for my planned little flock) sounds like an awful lot of space that I don't really have. Can someone enlighten me? Thanks so much.
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    According to, you are right so I stand corrected from my example. Thank you, as this is an important distinction. I dont claim to be a mathematics wizard, nor do I even know much stuff, really. I get confuzzled sometimes...

    Okay so now that is straight. Look at it again. I cannot imagine that being even close to adequate, can you? Try putting your 5 gal bucket on the center of 4 of those tiles in your kitchen and see what you get...

    This just serves to further illustrate the point weve been making all along about crowding, dont you think. Thanks again for the correction. [​IMG]
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    We have a Chick-N-Barn & Yard that we modified

    Hi Dawn!

    That is really cool! I have ordered the Chick-N-Barn & Yard. I have also been trying to buy a chain link dog kennel from a local fellow, but I am having trouble getting up with him. My plan is to make a little passageway from the run to the kennel to give the girls more room.

    I was planning to get the yard ready for the coop today, by mowing and clearing brush, so of course it decides to rain in Raleigh for the first time in months. [​IMG]

    My mother is sooo concerned. I have recently had a problem with depression, and I had let the house go for six months. She's worried I will get overwhelmed again, and thinks I don't need chickens. I am trying to make her understand that the chickens are going to be therapeutic for me.

    Question, has anyone here seen the BBC sitcom "Good Neighbors," aka "The Good Life?" It's about a couple in suburbia who decide to become self-sufficient. They get chickens, pigs, etc. That show is partly the inspiration for me to get chickens.

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    "chicken want-itis" ?
    "Pollyanna idealism" ?
    Elderoo, your killin me man. [​IMG]

    I mentioned the ammonia buildup. My pine shavings resting on plywood
    is complicating the problem. I'm currently engineering an air filtration, venting,
    and heating system that will solve my dust and ammonia problems. My chicken
    coop area is in my barn/workshop so the dust and ammonia is not only
    bad for them but bad for us. Until then I'll change the pine every few days.
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    Apr 27, 2007
    My Air filtration system is pretty complex - two windows on the west wall, one window on the east wall, west wind blowing off the puget sound.

    Took me weeks to draw up those plans and allot of very complicated math went into it [​IMG]
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    Apr 6, 2007
    Quote:Now that sounds like a good system. How did you compute the temp fall delta?
    Licked your finger and put it up in the wind or just took a deep breath and said
    "Yup, that'll work"? Did you give the chickies a view too? [​IMG]
    Lucky chickens.

    I'm about 20 miles from the Long Island Sound so we don't get much wind from
    it. Kayaking isn't nearly as good as the Puget Sound either. [​IMG]
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    umm back to my question... could someone quote me the dimensions for a outside run and a inside run for... 5 batams or 5 standards. the outside run would maybe be a tractor but they will be inside all winter and during the night.
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    Oct 3, 2007
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    Those are the standard numbers, and good accompanying caveats. Go with them, til you know otherwise. Sorry to have muddied the waters.
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