How much time and effort does raising chicks from eggs cost?


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Hey! I am thinking of getting an incubator for next summer, as I love my hens, and would love to raise some chicks from eggs. It'll keep me busy during the holidays haha
Firstly how much would a decent incubator cost? And any other things i may need?
Also how time consuming is it?
Thanks for any help: D Im not fully set on it yet, still thinking:)
probably the best starter incubators are made by Brisnea. im not sure of their cost in Ireland.

for chicken eggs it takes about 21 days for them to hatch, you will have to turn them at least 3 times a day for the first 18 days. unless you buy an incubator with an automatic turner.

each day you will have to check the water in the incubator, check temperatures and humidity.
with an automatic turner, typically 15 minutes a day is sufficient.

to raise the chicks to adults with U.S. prices is about $3.50 each in feed costs.

this is a hobby that is more rewarding than profitable. most people fail on their first hatch, so dont get discouraged if it happens to you. when you do get that first group to hatch, you will be amazed at watching them grow. they become almost like your own kids to you.
Between the cost of the eggs, the incubator purchase, electricity to run it, lots of turning (manual models), brooding supplies, electricity for the heat lamp, lots and lots of chores, feed, feed, and more feed, that by the time you get them to 16 weeks your first batch will cost you s small fortune.


One does this because of the joy it brings. Frustrations too, btw. But mostly because it is a good hobby.
In what region would a decent incubator cost(in America at least)? And how much more would an automatic turning one cost? Thanks:)
If you want a larger, 48 egg incubator, the auto turning Hovabators are quite nice and cost around $180.
The 20-24 egg Brinsea is also a well known, popular machine for roughly that same money.

Brinsea sells direct. On their own website. They do put them on sale from time to time. There is almost always a "secret code" word which gets you an additional $20 off. Takes some sleuthing on the internet, but I usually type in Brinsea code word or discount code into Google and often find the current discount code word.

Those two makers seem to be the most popular.

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