How much to ask for two mix bred ducklings?


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011
How much should I ask for two mix bred ducklings? Im not really sure on sexes, but I THINK its a pair (1 male 1 female) their voices havnt come in well yet. Is $9 for the two of them to much?! Thanks in advance! BTW they are khaki rouen crosses, moms were GREAT layers. (their moms were the khakis)
$9 Sounds about right for 2 in my area. People around here try to get $15 for mixed male ducks... Depending on how old they were I would put them for $10-$15 for the 2, You can always go down but not up....
Pure breds go for about $15 for a laying duck. And $8 for a pure bred drake. SQ is about $10 higher. Im pretty sure I have a male and a female but they are only 1 and a half months old, so not sure. Im just hopeing they go as pets. They are two of my favorite ducks, so I hope they get a good home
For all the feed and time and love you have put into it...and to get a good "pet home"...I'd vote price a tad high, and advertise them as well socialized (which I assume they are because from reading your posts you LOVE your duckies
)....if they really are well behaved and friendly, that makes ALL the difference in the world I know for pet people...

I'd say start at $15 for the pair since they are so old already - and that leaves you able to come down...go too low and everyone that shows up will only be there to eat them I can almost promise it (happens here all the time with my baby goats each spring).

Good luck finding them a good home!
Great idea. These are two of my favorites. So im trying to find pet homes. I love them all so much I wish I could keep them. But I just cant. I put much love/care into them I would just hate for them to go to a table
they are very social duckies since I hand raised them and hatched them myself

I just put the ad up. Hope I can rehome them before march
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