How much to charge for quail to restaurants, processed and unprocessed


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Apr 11, 2007
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I thought I had seen where at least one of you has been selling quail to restaurants. I know there are some regulations and all that which will have to be sorted out, but I may have someone that's interested in buying a batch from time to time for a special menu item (maybe 50-100 birds?).

My idea is to get some good jumbo breeding stock (those eggs you got from lilraphie... looked awesome Monarc) and go from there.

Because I'm still new at this, I'm not even sure what my cost would be to raise them to butchering weight (8-10 weeks) much less a fair market price. Something in the $5 range?
Is anyone else selling coturnix in your state that you see ads for? If so what i'd do is compair their prices with your costs. I'm not good with that stuff but that's pretty much what I did when I came up with my price for selling them live. $5 a bird sounds NICE to me (i sell mine for $3.50 and NOT no one seems to know the value of coturnix here in PA LOL)!

lilralphieroos eggies are developing nicely!
I think alot of that would depend on what sort of restruants you have, and the level of uh.... well money that eats there. Here a free range chicken from the farmer's market is about $4, and the bistro would be willing to pay that much, they'd like them in the fall, but we're still discussing it. The manager and I have been friends for a few years, and after keeping them in lemons and mint for a bit (I have amazing lemons from my meyer tree), she asked about what I was growing next.
$4 a pound for free range chicken or $4 total??! Here organic free range chickens are somewhere around $4 a pound I believe. The restaurant is mid-high end. I think dinners range between $18-$28 a plate. (I don't know exactly because I know it's waay out of my price range so I've never eaten there lol)
On 2 teacher's salaries we can't afford to eat there much. Last time we did dinner came to 100 for the 4 of us, most things on the menu are 20-30 each plate.

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