How much to sell for


12 Years
Apr 9, 2007
I ave a trio of rabbits for sale for $30. I have a guy who wants to buy 2 hutches also. Both are in ok-shape.One is store bought and one is homemade. I told him I would sell the rabbits, the cahges and their dishes together,but I dont know for how much.
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Hmmm...I would say anywhere from $100-$150, depending on the quality of the hutches, initial costs, etc. I know around here hutches can cost anywhere from $150-$200 new!
I got my used hutch for free,it's huge and only needed a new roof on the indoor part well worth it...the hard part was bringing it home all 300lbs of it!!!!


I'd say $50 for the hutch if it's been used a lot and may need repairs, but if it's not rusty at all, not rotted at all and no repairs, i'd say anywhere from 75-100.

I traided a store bought hutch for 2 show rabbits that were worth $50 each.

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