How much ventilation?


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Jan 15, 2012
Hi I just recently joined and have some questions.

I'm planning on buliding a coop with a footprint of 4 1/2' by 5' with a sloping roof starting at 6 1/2' in the front by the door and lowering to 5' in the back above the nesting boxes. I live in northeast PA so we average about 85 degrees in the summer and 40 degrees in the winter. I'm looking to house 2-3 hens inside with a tilled dirt floor. I plan on including a heat lamp in my coop, but my biggest concern is ventilation, any tips?

Thanks in advance, Zach
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I would leave the slant line open fro the 0 point to the 6 1/2' point. Close that with hardware cloth and mak you a flap door to close it some in the winter if needed. That would give plenty of heat release for your coop.
I agree with La MIke, slanted roof with vents between where the roof connects with the walls in the front and back. Try to keep roosts at least a foot away to prevent drafts from hitting ur sleeping chickens. And u don't absolutely need the heat unless you want it, the only thing it can hurt is ur electric bill:) haha. My chickens are doing just great here in ct where I'm sure it's colder than ur climate

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