How much water to add to a Hovabator 1602n? HELP!


9 Years
Oct 9, 2010
I would like to preface this that I know ABSOLUTELY nothing about hatching chicks. For my FFA ag science fair project, I'm testing the effects of egg angle during incubation on hatch rates. I'm using a hovabator 1602n, and the instructions aren't very helpful. I have no idea how much water to add, where, and if I should go ahead and get something to measure humidity so I can regulate it... if so, where? I'm sure this all sounds really dumb, but I really need help! Thanks in advance.
i use a small plastic dish.i keep it full at all times. you can add a sponge to in crease humidity for hatching. i have a paper towel in mine. you can see the rust stains in mine and that is from one hatch

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