How much water??


Jun 30, 2010
La Center, Wa
I have a homemade incubator, and I am trying something a little different with the water pan. I want to put in a smaller one. So I am wondering should I only put a size in that will hold a 30%-40% humidity for maybe 3 days? Or does anyone have a better idea? Thanks for the information.
Your post seems kind of vague... not sure what your asking here. You currently have a larger water pan that keeps the humidity the same but for a longer period of time, and want to change it to a smaller one?
No the large pan keeps the humidity too high so I want to bring it down during 1-18 days of incubation. Because if I remember correctly the humidity should be between 30%-40% during 1-18 days and 50%-60% 19-21 days.

Smaller pan would mean that I should only need to fill it about every 3 days maybe.

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