How much Wazine ? ?

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    My chicks (2 yr.old) DEFINATELY have round worms. YUCK ! ? ? Are there two types ? Wazine says for LARGE round worms. One of my hens passed a long skinney round worm. # 2. HOW MUCH WAZINE FOR A GALLON OF WATER PLEASE. The whites on the eggs have been thin and runny. Gonna bet this had something to do with it. Dumb me I can't believe I haven't wormed "in for ever". I know better !
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    Worms can weaken a birds immune system making them susceptable to viral and bacterial diseases. Dosage for wazine is one ounce per gallon of water for 24 hours. Put the treated water out for them before you let them out of the coop in the morning. Birds are thirsty after being cooped up all night and will drink the water. Discard the treated water after 24 hours and provide them regular fresh water to drink.
    You should reworm them again in 10 days using a broad spectrum wormer such as valbazen liquid cattle/sheep wormer or safeguard liquid goat wormer.
    Watery thin whites can possibly be a sign of Infectious Bronchitis (IB.)
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