How my chickens to lay in the nest box

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Livinzoo, Dec 15, 2008.

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    I have 5 that should be laying soon if they aren't already. I know one is laying and she has laid in the nest box, but hasn't in over a week. My roo breeds another but I haven't seen her lay.

    It is a bit complicated at the moment because my piglet is living with the chicks till the pen is finished. It should be soon. Went it took care of everyone yesterday. No eggs. We worked on the fence for about 5 hours and during that time didn't hear anyone announce an egg. But shortly before we left I noticed Fiona (my pig) eating something that didn't look like all the veggies I gave her. So I walk over and sure enough she had an egg.

    If they lay in the nest box the eggs will be safe since it is raised up and piglet can't get her nose it there. I just got some wooden eggs that I will be putting in the boxes and I figured I would add some straw to the boxes since they seem to be laying in the straw that the pig sleeps in. Any other ideas to get them to lay in the boxs?

    I know the pig has to go. And trust me it has to be soon. She has doubled in size. She was about 30 lbs... now she is a lot bigger and going to be harder to catch as she gets even bigger. But all her new pen lacks is barb wire around the bottom and the gates.

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    I put golf balls in my boxes. the hens always choose the box with the ball in it. OH yeah, and you must have some straw in the boxes. Shredded paper will work too.
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