how often and how many?


8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
So I got 14 laying hens Saturday BR, New Hampshires, and welsymers ( sp). They r all 1-2 yrs old. It was an 1.5 hour drive home and they just moulted or r finishing. Knowing this and with the move I didn't expect any eggs for atleast a week.
Saturday between 2 pm and 5 pm o was suprised with 4 eggs. Sunday we had a hawk atack our younger birds so after about 11am we made all them go to thier the end of the day we had 8 eggs.

Yesterday they free ranged all day but Hung out pretty close to the coupe. I only got 1 egg. Did I just get my hopes up to soon? Could they have layed outside and we just r not finding them????
I would leave them in the coop and run. No free range! You already had a visit from a hawk that was a warning! He will be back! I would start looking around for my eggs.
I would leave them in but the large coupe which is an old wooden garage like building doesn't have a run. It's my moms place and they always free ranged when she was little. We got a run built off the smaller coupe for the bantams and the pullets...but the big chickens, turkeys and guineeses don't have a run.

Do u think they laid outside yesterday? I looked around where they where hanging out and didn't find any...but I'm not sure exactly where to look..

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