How often do button quail lay eggs??

Anybody's advice would be apreciated! please
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Buttons lay about every day. I would say at least 5 eggs weekly. The minimum space requirement for a pair is 2 sq. ft., but the more room they have, the happier they are.

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when you have got a pair of button quails ( a man and a woman), is it possible to take away the eggs?

Is there a way to check if the egg is fertilized?

Can you always eat the egg of a button quail or only if it isn't fertilized.

Thanks for your help

You can eat the egg weather it is fertile or not. Just collect them every day and enjoy.
The only way to tell if they are fertile or not is to crack one open and take a look. A fertile egg will have a small bulls eye on it. Kinda translucent white in appearance.

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