How often do Silkies lay?


Crazy for Silkies
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Jan 17, 2013
I have four silkies and I completely expected them not to lay much because this is what I've always read. that silkies don't lay as often as other chickens. well since my pullet has came into lay she has been laying EVERY OTHER day just like clock work. just like any other chicken would. is this unusual? for a silkie? or do they lay as often as other chickens? everything I've read says different but my little sweet pullet lays every other day for me. what do you think? for a silkie is this unusual? opinions please. thank you.
I'm new to silkies also. I just bought two girls and a boy. My barred rocks lay every day. I didn't know silkies only layed every other day! Lol!
I thought all chickens layed daily until winter. I can see I have a lot to learn of these ground hugging creatures!
I had 2 silkies last year and from the day they started laying they would each lay an egg a day. When fall came they went to every other day. I was very surprised cause I thought silkies weren't good layers. They hung right in there with my golden comets!
silkie eggs taste the same. my little girl is laying like crazy. I thought silkies didn't lay like that but mines laying EVERY day to every other day! I'm really happy!
My Silkie went without laying for awhile but when she did it looked very healthy and I was hoping she would lay again so these answers really helped
I'm pretty new to chicken keeping and don't have silkies (though I'd LOVE to), so I'm just repeating hearsay. From what I understand, Silkies aren't particularly bad layers, but they go broody so often that you won't get as many eggs from them per year as you might an "average" egg laying breed.

Have fun with your girls!
I have 2 silkies and one just started laying on sunday. After 4 days I have 3 eggs so it looks like she will be a reliable layer even though so far she has used the floor and not the nesting boxs.

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