How often do they lay Goose Eggs

Discussion in 'Geese' started by 41ford, Feb 11, 2011.

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    I have 2 embden geese .Just starting to lay eggs .I locked them in the building because of being really cold .Last night I had two eggs .So my two geese are not a pair .?When I got them they were to be a pair .The Geese are only around 11 months old .I have never been able to tell the sex .But anyway they seen to care less about the eggs .Do they not sit on them if they know they will not hatch .? I was really hoping that she would hatch a few .
    So what do you do with the eggs if they are not fertilzed .
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    My geese generally lay 1 egg every couple days, had some hens that layed an egg daily too. They will start setting on the eggs when they feel they have enough in the nest(for my girls thats about 18 eggs) then they will go broody on them.

    By the sounds of it you have 2 hens.
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    The eggs are good to eat or bake with. Glad you brought them in at night. This weather is rough on poultry.
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    Feb 13, 2011
    you say the eggs are good to eat or bake with. im just a newbie and curious, are they good to eat like chicken eggs? scrambled and such? or when you say bake with are they better disguised in a dish or cake etc. just wondering.

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    Mar 3, 2010
    I just want to say that its better to have 2 girls and then find 1 boy then to have 2 boys and have to find 2 girls!! so you got lucky!! [​IMG]
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    Quote:They are different than chicken eggs, They contain less water and more of the protein stuff. When scrambled I add more water or milk than I would to the same amount of chicken egg to get the same kind of texture. When you fry one (one is enough for most people) use a cover on the pan to hold in the steam to help cook the top of the egg. They don't spread as much as chicken eggs. A fresh goose egg is likely to be more than 1" thick at the yoak when fried.
    Baking is one of the places they are good, better than chicken eggs, All that protein will hold a huge amount of air when it is beaten in. Angel food cakes are high and very light! The one draw back is that you need to adjust your recipies. a Large chicken egg should weigh 2 ounces, my smaller goose eggs are about 6 ounces (3 chicken=1 goose egg) Some of the big goose eggs are more like 8 ounces plus you often have to add extra liquid because goose eggs are dryer than chicken eggs. Good Luck!~gd
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    Dec 28, 2009
    Mine laid an egg every other day, and carefully covered them up and came out on the other side of the bush from where she went in....if it hadn't of been for the gander standing patrol around the nest I would not have know where her nest was....
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    Maybe locking them up put them in the mood. I have 2 Super African, 4 African, and 3 Chinese geese. They are so stubborn they will sit out in the rain all night long with the barn door open but won't go inside. I put them in the barn the past couple nights because it got so cold and when I let them out this a.m. there were 5 eggs in the barn. Pretty amazing since they are only 6 months old, they all laid their first egg on the same day, and I thought I had only four females.... (so one of the males must be an imposter). It's much to cold for them to hatch and raise goslings this time of year so i'm hoping they don't lay themselves out before spring if that's possible. I do have one extra African male.... very handsome guy... anyone interested?
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    I wish but having 2 ganders already is quite enough.. If you have females laying now they will probably not lay out and start back up in the spring. I defiantly would not let any of them sit this time of year unless you want goslings in your house over winter and take away the joy from your geese of raisng their own brood. Plus you'd not get the pleasure of watching it all.Sounds like a lovely group how about some pics? and

    Welcome to BYC..

    we have a Buy Sell Trade thread on here and a rehoming thread to. plus you can go to the where am I where are you thread look up your state and maybe find a home for your gander there too.

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