How often do you change bedding?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by nettie, Feb 18, 2009.

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    I'm trying out wood pellets on the bottom, shavings on the top for the first time. I just built my duckies a new pen. They've been in it for a week now. There's only two ducks in it right now.

    I was wondering how often should i change out the bedding? It doesn't smell at all, and i put a new layer of shavings on when it needs it. Is there a point where i should change it out even if it doesn't smell? Like for germs? (As a reminder, this is in my house, so smell and cleanliness are important).

    It doesn't get wet or get food in it. I designed it so water and feed would fall through a metal mesh in the floor to a kitty litter pan below that can be changed often without getting food or water in the bedding. That so far is working great. I kept the water and feed far enough away so they don't get water in the food. All i have to do is shake the pan a little to make the shavings that fell in come to the top, scoop them out, then pour the food back in their bowl.

    So, strickly shavings/pellets with only poop in it, how often should i change it (even if it doesn't smell?)

    You can see then pen/plans in this thread:

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    Heya -

    Well, I would probably change it at least once a month, as long as it isn't getting wet.

    I just had to put my baby ducks out in the coop this morning - because I had a problem with the bedding getting wet - and I was changing bedding multiple times a day and it still didn't help - so being dry is a BIG help for you [​IMG] .

    I had my (21) ducklings in two small pens in the house, and one had the pellets (in a playpen), but they would get wet from the water bowl. The other was on wire cage (had a puppy pad for them to stand/sleep on to get off the wire) and a tray under it, which would get water in it, and then food - cause they'd toss food in there. Here's a tip for you all - Wet Chick Starter Smells to High Heaven!!!! woooooeeeee!!!

    Hubby and I totally cleaned their pens last night at about 10 o'clock - this morning it smelled just as bad as it had before we cleaned them.
    That is when I decided that empty coop needed some tenants.

    Anyway .... [​IMG] .....

    I guess I would play it by ear - check to see how much Poo is in there, and if it isn't bad (and not smelling) then leave it for over a month, if you think it looks ok.

    If the pellets I had hadn't gotten wet, they'd probably still be ok. Of course, I only had these guys inside for two weeks, but I had quite a few more than you had [​IMG] .

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    May 13, 2008
    Once a month do or die.

  4. I change the bedding every 3 weeks... partly due to generally increased yuckiness, and partly due to the happiness the birds show with new, fresh shavings and straw.

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