How often do your hens lay?


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My hens are 8 months old now and most lay daily. I've observed that my Lavender Orp is laying maybe twice a week only.

Does an Orp's body produce eggs more slowly? She doesn't appear to be molting and I am giving them extra light in the mornings with the shorter days. Anything I should do differently? Just making sure I'm not overlooking something. Thanks!
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A hen is not an egg dispenser, like a vending machine, of course. They are living creatures. The don't lay eggs for us, they lay eggs as part of the normal reproductive cycle, to perpetuate their species. The 24 hour ovulation period you quoted is a "best case scenario" and only true of certain strains, and only true at certain times of year.

If a hen lays 3 eggs per week, on average, that is roughly 160 eggs per year. That is sufficient for perpetuation of the species. A human female only produces 12 eggs per year on average, by way of comparison. All hens tend to slow down considerably as they age. This too is normal.

The "Comet" is a nifty name created for marketing purposes. Even the name evokes a fast blazing light. Usually, these are merely production oriented, commercial type hens that have been bred for the highest output of eggs possible. It is not uncommon for such a commercial red sex link to lay upwards of 320 eggs their first laying year. These birds have been genetically selected for decades to have this capability. Your Orp is not likely to ever produce at the level of the Comet. She wasn't ever bred for that high of production. The Orp was bred to be docile and to be a dual purpose, large bodied bird. Hope that helps.
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Thanks Fred! I appreciate the info! I wasn't sure if I needed to do something differently. They are spoiled for sure

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