How often to apply vaseline for scaly leg mite?

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    Our rooster has scaly leg mite and we just applied some vaseline on his legs and toes a few minutes ago. How often should we put it on? His run is pretty sandy if that makes a difference.

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    I would apply it every three days up to one month to get the scaley leg mites out. I used Vapor Vicks Rub on my girls and suffered no ill effects.

    Be sure to take care of their perches too!
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    Here is a copy of threehorses' excellent advice to another:
    copied from this thread:

    =First, soak the bird's legs in a solution of warm water with some epsom salts in it to soften the scales. Mites are actually burrowed into the skin of the leg and are causing irritation and build up of stuff which is raising the scales and irritating the skin. The soaking softens up the stuff. You then use a toothbrush to scrub at the legs to remove whatever build up you can. Pat the legs dry.

    Then you can either use ivomec 1% injectable topically on the legs, or you can use pour-on ivermectin 5% cattle wormer on the bird - IF - your birds have been wormed within 6 months with a broad spectrum wormer.

    Personally, I'd recommend the scrub, worm your flock with wazine 17 (piperazine 17) in the water, and use olive oil on the legs or VetRx daily for 2 weeks then worm them with the pour-on ivermectin (generic, 250ml bottles are the most affordable option). Worming all the flock with ivermectin will kill external parasites as it's likely other birds in the flock have mites but not signs of it yet on the legs. But you have more than one option there.​
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    IF you use the pour on Ivermectin do not use more than 5 drops total. More than that can kill the bird.

    I would do as kathyinmo suggested. Soak, get rid of the 'junk' and coat with vaseline or vapo rub. You can also make a paste of vaseline and a little poultry/mite/lice killer powder and spread that on the legs. Wash off every other day and reapply.

    I would also treat the entire flock and coop for mites. Not something you want to go into Winter with and get an infestation.
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    is there a way to treat the yard? I'm afraid that if there are mites and worms, they're now in the grass/soil and it'll cause repeat infestations
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    whoops, posted on the wrong thread
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