How old are these chicks?


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Jul 26, 2016
So at the barn where I board my horse one of the chickens who doesn't really belong to anyone hatched a clutch a few weeks ago, but I'm not exactly sure when. I took two of them home and made them their own little coop outside and they are settling in really well. I am currently feeding them dumor's chick starter and grower, so I just need to know when I can switch them over to the regular poultry food. Also, there are a lot of suggestions about treats for them, but I haven't found any solid lists of safe things to give them, or how old they have to be before I can start giving them treats. So if anyone can give me suggestions or tell me how old you think these little ones might be, or their breed for that matter, that would be awesome! Thank you!

(I have small hands)

Super cute. Giving them any heat? Heating pad (preferable) or heat lamp? They'll be fine on the starter. If it's not medicated, they can stay on it till they start laying. You might check out the Fermented feed thread. Hope they are girls!
Me too! lol They are a little older, they are at least 3-4 weeks, and here in Michigan right now its pretty hot outside even through the night so I've just been keeping a close eye on the temp. If it gets cold or windy they come inside with me.Thank you!
Oh. At that age, they should be fine w/o heat. By 4 - 5 weeks, they can take what ever the weather throws at them. (I'd not leave them out on a cold wet rainy day.) But cool evenings should be fine if they have good shelter.
Yep! They come inside with us if its not almost perfect weather out. But lately here in Michigan we have been at a constant 80 ish degrees and sunny so its been perfect for the babies to stay outside.

And just for clarification, fermented feed is for putting more weight on them? Thats what I think I gathered from a few of the threads on here. Everyone I know just feeds their chickens regular poultry food and such, nothing fancy like that but if its good for them then I will absolutely give it a try.
Fermented feed simply gives them healthier guts to be better able to digest their feed and get all of the nutritional benefit out of it. It also breaks down the anti-nutrients in the grain so they can utilize the grains better. Kind of like comparing yogurt to milk. Yogurt is easier to digest and loaded with probiotics to keep your gut healthy.
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