How old before you can tell if its a rooster?


8 Years
Mar 24, 2011
How old are chicks when you can tell if its a rooster? These are my first chicks (and I ordered females, 10% chance of them being males??) and I am wondering how old they usually are when they crow for the first time or what kinds of traits to look for to tell the difference? I read before something about the shape of the feathers?? Anybody know? Thanks!
You can tell if it's a roo at maybe... 10 weeks? a littler younger or older sometimes. You look for saddle feathers, reddness of the comb, how big it is.... tail feathers, ect.
You look at the redness of their comb, not always 100%. The feathers on the bottom of their neck (hackles) and at the base of the tail(saddle), they will be pionted instead of round. I agree with <3chickenforever, you should be able to tell for sure around 10 weeks. Also roos will be bigger than the hens, another thing to look for is in my experience the roos will feather out slower than the hens. Congrats on the new babies!
Thank you so much that is really helpful
I have one that acts really different than the rest - stares us down is really alert and always seems to be "tending" the to the rest - her name is Princess and I am hoping she is not a Prince
It could just be personality with Princess -- I hope so. If you look through the What Breed or Gender is This? forum on here for a few minutes, you'll see the differences pretty quickly. Much harder with some breeds than others. Usually they crow around 12-16 weeks, although sometimes they will much younger.
well... we found out with one this morning.... One of our easter eggers has always been bigger with a slightly more red comb. All our chicks are 8 weeks.... awoke to the sound of crowing this morning so I guess that settles it hahaha.... now what to do?!?!
8 weeks -
I guess I have a ways to go before I will know - one out of 8 for you - I got 24 chicks, wonder what my odds are
I have an EE that looks more and more roo every day. We're at 5 weeks and I'd be shocked if this one ends up being a pullet. I think there isn't really a specific age -- there are lots of folks of varying experience levels who have been surprised. But sometimes roos mature early and make themselves known. And yeah, that crowing is a dead giveaway.
I have asked that question a few times and I just had to wait it out.

We found out last week when our babies were 5 weeks old that we had at least 1 roo, he crowed!

They are 6 weeks today and I have 3 others that are looking VERY MUCH rooish. So I am waiting for them to crow as well and then they will all have to find new homes.

Hope you find out soon.

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