How old can a chicken be to get sick from coccidiosis?

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12 Years
Mar 6, 2007
We found one of my hens dead today, she had been just kind of sitting around. Now one of my other hens is acting the same way. I thought once they got past 6 months they were immune from coccidiosis but they show all the signs of it. I don't know if its because its wetter then usual or what. Crystal
Theres 9 species of coccidia that effects chickens, If a chicken has never been exposed to and immunity built to each species [Theres no cross immunity between species] The bird is always at risk, reguardless of age
cgjsmith- There are so many things that present that way. Is there any way you can have a necropsy done? I feel like a broken record with my necropsy talk (I tell everyone to have them done!) but I think it is very important. Knowing exactly why your bird died will help you prevent it in the future.
please describe in detail the symptoms of the hen, including droppings..color and consistency.

are you treating for cocci?
Not yet we started terramyacin today, i have to go get some sulmate. I don't know what the poo looked like. unfortunatly they all like this one area of the coop none of the poops looked different though. My polish hen is acting sluggish now.
as for the narcropsie it cost me $68 last time I had it done. my hubby says at least two have to die from the same symptom before we send one off. Crystal

Edited to say that we always treat our chickens when we first get them because we have such a high rate of coccidia in our ground. I lost almost a whole batch of chicks last year because of coccida.
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