How old do they get?


May 23, 2008
Williamsport In.
I have a trio of pearl guineas that are 8 years old. One male and 2 hens.... They free range here in the yard and pastures but come to roost in the chicken barn each night.
When I locked them up this evening one of the hens was setting on a nest... I got almost 100% fertile eggs from them last year...


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May 18, 2008
Akron Ohio
8 Years!!! You mean I could be putting up with this noise for 8 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHYeeeee!!!!

Oh well, They are worth it, ......I think. They are so cute running around the yard. Oh yes, and fighting with each other or screaming their cute little heads off under the neighbors bedroom window. Making giant holes in the yard for dusting baths, and sometimes carrying around a dead mole or mouse that they caught, like it makes them higher up on the pecking order or something.
Ahh yes 8 years!!!!

Sarree I asked, lol
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