How old do they have to be before you "know for sure"?


8 Years
Jul 9, 2011
Blue Ridge, TX
My question.... How old do they crow? How old do they have to be before you can safely say that they are all hens? I have two I am wondering about, just because of their face coloring. Other then being slightly more red, they are identical. They are 13 weeks old today.
post up pictures, and it depends roosters can start crowing as early as 1 month like one of mine did, and my other is 4 months ans still hasnt crowed
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I've had a Brahma cross crow at 8 months and I currently have a Langshan who is 7 months and hasn't crowed. It all depends on the rooster! The earliest I've heard a crow from my chickens is 2 weeks.
I will have to take pics tomorrow. They are all "supposed to be" pullets. I really did not want a roo. The one BR is quite red, and she is now running up to the door when I open it, and pecks at my ring. my one SW is also quite red. I am holding my breath. I will post pics soon. Sigh. I was hoping by now she would be crowing if she was a roo.

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