How old is old for a hen ??


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Nov 1, 2011
Columbia, MS
I am getting some BCMs this week. when do BCMs start laying? How old would be to old (how long do they ususally lay )? I really want to start breeding them. Love the color of the eggs. From my research they are gentle tame birds>
You will love copper marans! They lay beautiful chocolate colored eggs. They usually start laying when they are around 7-8 months old. I wouldnt buy any hems over 1.5 ears old because after 1 year they start slowing down on laying eggs. Also they older the maran hen the lighter the eggs.
Hens start a rather straight line reduction of their egg laying after age two of about 10% a year. A four year old hen will lay about 80% of what a year old hen will lay. These numbers are from a Univ of Florida study of standard breed egglayers and jive with what I've experienced.
Good Morning,
I am looking for some more info on how old a chicken will be when they stop laying. I thought they would lay pretty much till they got old 15-20 years and died. I understand that the egg production drops with age. I read one article that said a chicken is born with x amount of eggs inside, when they are gone that's it about 2-2.5 years. If some one has some articles on this I would appreciate some links and wisdom.

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