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mama dixie

8 Years
Aug 11, 2011
I have a beloved bantam Cochin. her name is Dixie she is now 6 years old. she is blind and is in her own little space, and old rabbit hutch. she is in the big coop so she can cluck and talk with the other girls. we want to breed her and I kept putting my little frizzle whit Cochin in there with her but it would not mate with her. I then took her out to clean her hutch and our other roo a grizzle bantam cochin jumped her. of course not the one we chose for her but then do our children usually chose who we love.... anyway do you think she is to old to breed. she seemed to be ok with the breeding she just groomed herself afterwards and I was laughing going yep you still got it going on girl friend. my husband thinks I am a loon....I hope I get a couple of eggs as we have a couple of hens trying to go broodie and I want one of dixies babies. I hope to get a hen...

do you think she is to old?
Is she still laying eggs? I would think that as long as everything is still in working order, then the eggs would be fertile if she had enough exposure to the rooster.

*shrug* if she's still laying, it cant hurt to try, right?
If she is still laying eggs then yeah I guess she can breed. Just today I saw one of my young roos trying to breed an older hen
after he was done, the hen was so enraged she fluffed up her neck feathers and tried to fight him(he ran away
) Then another young roo tried to breed with this other older hen
he obviously didnt way enough to keep her down as she got up and started running, he was riding her like a horse on only hanging on to her neck feathers and his body was flapping around as she just keept running and screamiong lol
was probably the funniest thing I've ever seen a chicken do.
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lol lol lol

that is so funny, we have a young faveral that keeps wanting to mate and the hens beat the crap out of him. they back him into a corner and rip out feathers and he screams. not as funny as yours though. wish you could of got it on tape... I so hope we get a fertile egg or two. she is such a good bird. she raised all our babies for a long time. I would bring them from the store and she would puff all up and take them right in. when she went blind she even raised ducklings. she kept pecking them on the head though when they would get wet. apparently she did not know they were ducks and she felt a good chick should not get wet...after she mated and I put her back in her cage she was grooming herself I have not seen her do that in years. is there anything I can give her to help her to lay good eggs you know kinda like prenatal vitamins for chickens
no eggs from Dixie yet. she just seems to not want to lay any eggs so maybe she is done laying. well it was worth trying...
My little banty roo has done a time or two but once the hen screamed the big boys came running and knocked him off, I've also had a banty hen roost on the back of my Lav Orp Roo when it was cold and when he got up she stayed put until he shook her off and if looks could have killed he's be a dead roo
who hoo Dixie layed an egg
I went to water her and feed her and here was a egg. it is much larger than she used to lay and it had a bit of blood I hope she is ok. I will so cry if she got hurt laying the egg. I do not see that she is bleeding any more. I am so so happy I started dancing in the chicken yard and they all looked at me like oh sure for her you make a scene... well I better get busy been on the computer all am it seems..... so happy I hope the egg hatches...hee hee hee put it right under my best broodie
Actually a few years ago I set about 6 eggs for a sweet older farmer and all 6 hatched and his hen was 7 and he's been saving those eggs for quite a long time......... So no, if they can lay, those eggs may still be fertile! and you can have babies....Best of luck on this project!!! Nancy
thank you so much Nancy. I have another sick hen, I am so worried some think she has mericks. is there a vitamin or something we can give. I am worried. I hope dixie's babys will hatch...

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