How old were you...


9 Years
May 4, 2010
Greene, NY
when you learned to never turn your back on a goose.... we went to see my GFs family this weekend, and it turns out her uncle had just bought 2 lovely, and large, toulouse geese



the male is quite massive, with a neck as big around as my forearm ( and I am a big guy)... I have asked for first dibs on any goslings that he hatches from that pair... but back to the main point... I was playing frisbie with my GF's 15 year old brother, when a poor throw on my part landed the frisbie in the goose pen... he yelled that he would get it waltzed through the gate grabbed the frisbie, and turned to walk out again... I managed to get his attention and get him to turn around before the big male got to him... as soon as he turned around the goose did the whole " I wasn't doing anything" act, but he was rushing in ready to attack before Greg turned around... he seems convinced that geese are just bigger versions of his ducks, and cant hurt him... I suspect that he will learn the hard way, sooner or later, but I am surprised he managed to make it to 15 without learning that lesson... I think I was 6 the first time a goose left my legs all bloodied( my aunt kept Canadians and Africans), and a goose that big would have me being cautious even if I was facing it the whole time... so what was your first learning experience with geese...
I was a suburban kid who didn't start raising fowl until adulthood. My Sebastopol and Pilgrim geese are just over a year old, and they still haven't taught me that lesson, but i shouldn't be surprised when it happens. I had a rooster in an aviary that taught me to watch my back because he loved to kick my butt when I bent over to fill the feeders.

those are some good looking geese.
My city girl wife to be was not introduced to my family until after we were engaged--for a myriad of reasons lol:. She was fearful of all animals, especially my beagles that were maintained in two large runs. At that time Gus the goose and his mate had a brood of goslings. I grabbed a gosling and ran towards the Princess who was standing by the dog pen. Needless to say the geese were in full pursuit. She chose the lesser of two evils and jumped in with the dogs. That was her introduction to geese and beagles. That was 47 + years ago, and she's still with me.
I still have not been bit by a goose but Im pretty sure that they are gonna get me one day!

My first pair I raised in the house and trusted them compleatly. Then my male died suddenly and I had to go out and find more geese. Luckily a local woman had 3 toulouse geese and a AfricanX gander that I could have for free! Of course I jumped on it but deff regret the day I did! The male is super aggressive and the females are not much better...They do have babies (3 of them all together
) as well so I guess that dosnt help...

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