How reasonable is it to add a few pigeons or doves?


Feb 16, 2021
Hi! I'd like to add something different to our flock of pet birds. Right now we've got 8 chickens (4 laying hens, 4 opinionated lawn ornaments) and five ducks (one drake, four hens). We live on about a quarter acre and they've got free range of the back yard all day, with a scotch collie guarding them. Nighttime, they're in a 10x10 dog pen with a cover and the chickens also have the original enclosed coop in that. With this setup, I'm thinking about adding something different...maybe a few pigeons? Turkeys are not my thing. Quail are adorable but don't stick around. Guineas and peafowl are noisy. Emus and Rheas need too much room and while we might have enough for ONE rhea, we'd need more than one for it to be happy. I'm considering a goose, but would like a PET goose and have not hear good things about their attitudes when they get protective of their flock. But...pigeons, maybe? However, I don't know much about them at all. I'd like a bird that will stick around, that I can go out and feed stuff out of my hand, that can coexist with the other birds I have and go into the enclosed safe pen at night (I'm assuming they'll need their own pigeon cote in it, but if they'll roost inside a chicken coop, WIN). If a pigeon is not a potential good fit, please let me know. And if you all think it might work out for me? I'll start researching their requirements in a lot more depth! And if not pigeons...any suggestions for good backyard birds? They don't have to lay edible eggs or anything, just be suitable for a big suburban lawn, not annoy the neighbors, and be either friendly or at least not perpetually terrified! (looking at YOU, ducks! Unless I have worms. And in that case, they're my best friends).
There is lots of really cool chicken breeds out there. Get an incubator and get on ebey. That is my suggestion. As for the pigeons I know nothing about.
I have/had most of the really cool breeds :D We're having fun with our girls, I'd just like to get something a little different again as the ducks turned out to be great pets.
I've had Pigeons for decades, chickens since 2015. I do not keep mine together in the same building. You need to consider the type of birds, their personalities, preferences & habits, the food they eat & how often they eat & of course the poop factor, before you merge any animals. I'm not saying sharing a large structure is impossible, if they have their own sections, I just wouldn't recommend it. I can tell you one thing, if a pigeon is not happy with the living conditions (Not having their own space, own perch, in their own loft with their own food & clean water) they will relocate elsewhere. Yes, they have Homing ability, but home is where the heart is...if they don't love it, they won't stay.

You mentioned geese...some of the sweetest birds I've ever met were Sebastopol geese. But it's just like may be a sweet snuggle lap bird while another of the same breed may be an aggressive, spurring peckerhead.

If you want some variety, it might be better to just check out other types of chickens. It's amazing the diversity of poultry & how interesting & colorful their feathers are. It will be much easier on you & your flock if you stick with a similar type of bird, that will thrive on the existing living conditions, food & routine you ready have set up. I've always loved the Polish chickens hairdos, if I get one I'd name her Phyllis Diller 😆. Silkies are very unique, too, extremely soft. My friends have a few Bantams, they are so cute & friendly.

Just do some research. Good luck in deciding.
Sure, you can get pigeons,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but they will need separate housing. Separate feed type, and a decent size aviary. You can loft fly them, but that gets tricky. Loft flying is usually done on a scheduled routine. If you just let them free all day,, then you will start to have less and less pigeons soon.:hit.. No location in your profile,,, so no IDEA what kind of predators you may have in your area. HAWKS are in many areas of this earth. Biggest threat to pigeons for most.
Cats also enjoy pigeons for dinner.
If you do decide to go for pigeon pets,,, myself,, and others here can advise you to what is needed.

WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:highfive:

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