How Resilient Are Chickens with Smoke Inhalation?

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    Honestly, with all the devastation due to the Camp Fire in Butte County, I almost feel silly posting, as we’re a couple hundred miles away. However, the fact is that due to drift smoke that is trapped here, the air quality has been in the “Unhealthy” range for two days, and is now in the “Very Unhealthy” range and rising. I’ve been indoors all day and have a raging headache. I can’t imagine how my flock must be feeling, since they’ve been exposed to unhealthy air 24/7 for almost week now (it was in the “unhealthyvfor sensitive groups” tmrange for a couple days before it got “unhealthy”).

    Edited to add: Sorry. I’d like to delete this thread, but not sure how. Feels inappropriate considering the mass devastation and loss.
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  2. ShannonR

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    Sep 17, 2015
    The chickens in my area (well, the ones not directly involved in the flames that is) didn't show signs of stress after a month of nonstop smoky days from the Carr fire. The dogs and cats were more effected by smoke than the birds. I wouldn't even consider what you're referring to as smoke inhalation, as you're hundreds of miles away
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    So glad to know you're not in danger. The stories of the Camp fire are so devastating. Even to those of us down here in the Woolsey Fire area.

    Hope your chickens will be fine and you'll soon be breathing decent air again. Also hope all the folks from Paradise and their loved ones can find some peace and rebuild their lives. ....those of them who made it.
  4. ShannonR

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    Sep 17, 2015
    Paradise is about completely gone. The news this evening ( I'm not too far away from Paradise) says there are still more than 600 people missing
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  5. micstrachan

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    600 still missing! OMG. Absolutely devastating. I can’t stop thinking about this. I can’t imagine how people go on.
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    Thanks. Good to know.
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    My better halfs grandparents lived in Paradise before they passed away years back. Her father who was a retired sheriff, said it was a bad place to be if a fire ever broke out. One road in and out and no back way out either. From what I understand about the place there are a lot of retired older folks living there and some of them were not mobile. The old family house that was there is now gone as is most of what was once called Paradise. I pray those 600 missing can be found somewhere other than the burn area.
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  8. Farm life101

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    Jan 9, 2018
    chickens are just as acceptable to respiratory issues due to smoke inhalation as us.
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    I too, am worried about my chickens breathing in the smoke. It's been bad here non stop since the fires began. I don't think it is in anyway disrespectful to those who've suffered greater loss, to be worried about the air quality. I have asthma, so we check the air quality every day, it varies between the unhealthy and very unhealthy range every day. I've been virtually housebound since the fires started. Birds are very susceptible to poor air quality, think about the canary in the coal mine. Think about teflon fumes. Short of bringing them into the house (have thought about it, frankly) though, there isn't much I can do about it.
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  10. HenOnAJuneBug

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    May 20, 2015
    Nonsense. Yours is a valid question that everyone can learn from.

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