How rumors get started


11 Years
May 3, 2011
Eastern Massachusetts
Last night I was clipping the babies' wings again, since one of them had flown out right in front of me in the afternoon. I had to wait until night because they are way too fast to catch, and it was too hot to chase them anyway. So this time, instead of disconnecting the igloo section from the cage, I took scissors and flashlight and crawled into the coop right behind them. The structure they sleep in is 3' square and 2' high - it was a tight fit, not to mention a very dirty one. I was dragging them out one by one to trim feathers, talking to them and telling them alternately to shut up and it was really for their own good and what pretty chickens they were. I heard voices and thought someone was visiting the next door neighbors. But then I heard someone say, "There she is!" Now who the heck was that, walking into my now pitch-black back yard, poking into the light shining out from under the blue tarp? Could NOT recognize the voice. Then, in a hurt tone, I heard, "It's your daughter!" So long since I heard from her I couldn't even recognize her voice. Now they can go home and tell everybody how they found her aging mother in the dark in the back yard in a tiny wire box literally knee-deep in chicken poop and talking to the poultry.
That sounds about right, lol. When it gets brought up again (and you know it WILL), say something silly like, "You had to be there... from the start."

At least it wasn't a boss or preacher or best friend you hadn't seen in years!
If 2 guys in a white van show up at your door with a jacket with really long sleeves and straps that buckle in the back my advice to you is RUN!!!!!
X 2 If it had been my daughter, I'd be in hiding. My son would just shake his head and say, "That's just Dad."
What you SHOULD have said, to seal the deal, was something like "The goats are way too cold and everybody needs jackets. Is it time for twinkies yet?" ...or something of the sort.
First of all - they weren't shocked at all. They held the flashlight while I trimmed the last two.

Second - I've found that if people expect you to do weird stuff, they either join in happily or keep their distance. That way it's easy to tell who to give the time of day to.

Third - re the goat coats - they have goats and would have been happy to get coats so they wouldn't have to repair the goat barn.

They're all giving me the stink eye today.

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