How secure are plastic storage box/sheds really?

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    I see a lot of people wanting to use the plastic/rubbermaid deck boxes for coops, and a few of them look pretty neat. However, how secure are they really? Especially the ones that just snap together. How secure are they against raccoons? I wonder if they could pry them apart.
  2. Enchanted Sunrise Farms

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    i've seen a few of those deck box coops. They look cool, but don't look very secure to me. Raccoons are super strong and i would think they could tear into one easily. However, that's just my first impression. i don't have any first-hand knowledge.
  3. BayMinetteChickenMom

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    Aug 6, 2009
    Most of the rubbermaid type boxes seem to be placed in pretty secure pens. I wouldn't trust one alone.
  4. The Sheriff

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    We use one of those rectangular deck boxes to store the bale of orchard grass we feed our goats. The door is filmsy top and bottom. We secure ours with a carabiner because if we don't, the goats open it and chew up the bale. The lid is also not very secure. I would think if you have large predators or dogs this would not be the way to go for chickens. But if you need to store a single bale of hay and keep it dry, these are awesome. And it makes a great place for a goat to jump up on to see if you are coming down from the house with a cookie!

    I always have to look around it there before I close it back up and make sure Martha didn't sneak in while it was open. She loves to get in there and try to lay an egg while I am distracted.
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    I'll have to look at the brand of mine...but it's double-layer resin and maybe that makes it more secure? The corners are secured with metal pins (I'm not handy, don't know what that's called). It's certainly more secure than my IL's deckbox, which is one of those rubbermaid boxes like pictured above. I'll have to go check the brandname on it. I bought it at Lowes here in Canada.
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    I have a Royal Outdoor shed and dogs and coons could not access into it. I have a hardware wire over the door frame. So its pretty secure to me!

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