How Should I Incorporate New Chickens Into The Flock

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by france, Nov 9, 2010.

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    The last time I incorporated new chickens into the flock it was my new chicks I raised last spring. I put them
    in a wire dog crate in the coop for a month before letting then free with the others one day when they were
    big enough to fend for themselves.

    I presently have 2 new hens, supposedly 18 months old, to incorporate in soon due to winter weather. They are
    living in a dog crate in my barn. Should I put the crate into the big coop for a few days or should I put them in the
    coop loose one night and let them be?

    Note to others: always double check things like how long to quarantine before getting new chickens. Here
    I thought it would be maybe a week or 2. I have 2 hens living in a dog crate in my barn for a month who are
    not very happy.
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    Their big girls so I would let them start free ranging with them and then see what happens when they go roost!! They might want to continue sleeping in their dog crate for a bit longer!!

    Good Luck

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