how soon after will the hen lay after her eggs hatch out?


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Mar 16, 2009
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OK thats what I want to know -how soon after my broody hen hatches her eggs- dont know original date she started?-will she lay eggs again- and what is the norm?? Hpw long do you leave the chicks in with her? will she mourn them? Im Only keeping her pullets
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I reward broodies. I recommend that you let her raise them as long as she wants. A good broody is worth her weight in gold at my place. Hassle free chicks!
wow-I can usually tell the sex of my BOs by 4-5 weeks old-getting pretty good at it too! Ill let her go for a month then keep all the girls and sell off the roos asap-I have way too many roos to begin with and NOT enough hens!
My cochin hen has a 4 week old chick She has started laying again. She hasn't chased it away. We recently had to childproof the pen as Izzy always found a way to get through the fencing. I would see her walking around outside the coop and I was afraid something would grab her. Shes in now and hopefully remains there.
I just didnt want to put her back in with the roo -I wanted to give her a rest! seeing as Im not incubating anymore this year I dont want anymore brrodies either I hope-unless...hmmhmmm something magical and tempting comes my way...

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