How soon after your first egg, did the rest follow?


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May 25, 2010
You know how after the first girl in your class got her mensus, most everyother girl was close behind...does this happen with chickens too?

I got my first egg yesterday, my girls are 26+ weeks old, and I am just wondering if now that 1 has the idea, the rest will follow. Just trying to get them laying before winter here in Canada.

Also, how long does it take for a hen to get upto her 'peak', or at least accountable number of eggs?
I would think the others should follow suit with in the next 2 weeks as long as they are the same breed and age. As for peek, if you mean regular laying and good size it may take another 2 months.
Mine are all different breeds and sizes, but they all laid within 2 weeks after that first egg. But they are slow at first -- not everybody lays everyday. There might be an egg every three or four days, then every two or three days, then every day or two. You'll see -- pretty soon you'll have a collection of eggs that you won't know what to do with.

Congrats on your first egg!

I have 6 Black Australorps (23 weeks old tomorrow), and from the day they layed their first egg (last full moon), I have had an egg every day.
It took 5 days to get 2 eggs, and another 4 days for a 3 egg day.
They have been laying for almost 3 weeks, and I have had 3- 5 egg days this week.
Sometimes the eggs aren't entirely perfect- I had a shell-less, a tiny quail egg sized one and one got broken, from falling out of the nest.
But, all toll, they completed their 4th dozen today (not counting the weird ones).
I am sure their laying habits depend on breed and so forth, but this was my experience.
Your mileage may vary.

Congratulations on your first egg! Nothing could be more wonderful!

(I blew the very first one, and the tiny one to save for posterity)
Out of 4 one of them started laying on the 7th and on the 14th another one started... still waiting on the other 2.

Congrats on the egg

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