How soon can I "free range" the newest addtitions to our flock?

funny farmer

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May 12, 2012
Aberdeen, Washington
I recently acquired 3 bantams (2 hens and a rooster) from a coworker who is relocating and needing to re-home her chickens. They are approximately a year old and have been allowed to free range pretty much their whole lives. I guess they were difficult to capture. I currently have them contained in a large run with my other girls. After the initial introductions were made, they started getting along extremely well. I currently allow my other girls to free range during the day and close them up at night. My question is, How long should I wait before I allow the newest additions to free range with the others, without worrying they might run off? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


7 Years
Mar 9, 2012
North Carolina
We added 2 bantam pullets to my flock. Mine free range and so did the other 2, so I put them in the coop together the night they arrived. Then the next morning, I opened the coop door. They kind of hung around the edge of the group, but always stayed in sight. The 2 new ones were used to sleeping in trees, so they were confused when everyone went to bed in the coop - all by themselves. One hid under the coop and the other sat on top. They both "cried" and with a little help from my daughter and I, they finally made it in the coop. We haven't had a problem since then. They are actually the first ones to bed now!!

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