How soon can I sneek

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12 Years
Apr 7, 2010
I have a hen that has been broody for about a week now and I don't have access to any fertile eggs. I was thinking I might just slip some chicks under her if I can find some chicks. How soon can I place the chicks under her? do I need to wait 21 days or do you think I can do this sooner?
read up on how to introduce the chicks to the hen. most people say, quietly slip the chicks under her at night.

You may want to put a few golf balls under her, then the night bring the chicks, swap them with the chicks.

And you have to make sure she doesnt reject them. See that they settled down for the night, and return early in the morning. Mom may not know what hit her, or she may harm them.
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I've had broodies that will raise rocks and have had broodies that will not accept anything they didn't hatch themselves. It really depends on your individual bird. If you have a vicious broody, give her a week or so on the golf balls. If you have one of those sweet as pie broodies, like me, go ahead and try some chicks. I don't think its necessary to wait a full 21 days. Last year I gave my broody chicks after she sat on eggs for 3 days, she took them right in and didn't let them go until they were about 2 months old (ever seen a broody try to cover several pretty much full sized birds- its pretty funny!). The only way to know she'll react is to give it a go. Good luck!
Thank you, she is a real sweet girl and I have never witnessed her being aggressive, but she is below the bottom of the pecking order she is an outcast that the other hens have nothing to do with except chase her and attack her if they can catch her, but she is faster then them so I don't worry to much with her being aggressive and I will keep a good eye on her when I place the chicks under her. I am thinking about real early hours maybe right before they wake up this way I can watch what happens.

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