How Soon Can You Candle An Egg?

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  1. What's the earliest you can candle an egg to see if it's fertile? I am pretty sute that you can see at 3 days, but can you see any sooner? From what I read in the wonderful book co-written by the co-founder of BYC, you can see the chick developing at 3-days, so I'm hoping that at about 24 hours after an egg is laid, you can candle and see something.
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    did you test any before? I always crack on to test them for the bullseye.

    You really don't want to handle them until 7 days for they are fragile.

  3. I've candled some a long time ago, so I know how to do it. The reason I am asking is that I have a Silkie male that I've seen mounting one of my non-laying hens. I have not seen him mounting one of my three laying hens yet and I was just wondering if he's possibly fertilized their eggs or not.

    Since I'm so frustrated with getting all these roosters (check out some of my other posts) and I REALLY wanted more hens for eggs, I thought I might let my laying hens hatch some eggs and see what comes out. I can always take any roosters to the local swap or The Ranch and sell them or give them away. [​IMG] I've got a broody Cochin bantam and a Silkie (both a great mothers, right?).

    I have to think long and hard about this whole idea, but it was just a thought for now. ;p Maybe I'll see if I can talk my boyfriend into going up to The Ranch in Waldo next weekend and seeing what hens anyone has up there. [​IMG]

    What does "the bullseye" mean? I'm kinda a newbie...I mean, I've only had hens for about a year and I've never hatched eggs. [​IMG]
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