How soon will eggs be fertile??


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May 2, 2009
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I have 3 barred rocks that have been laying for 4 weeks. Their eggs are small to medium. They have been with my buff o rooster since they were chicks. So when will their eggs be hatchable (is that a word). My nefew has a broodie silke that would love to hatch anything.

Thanks for the help

If he's mature and mates them, they are probably fertile now.

Sometimes chicks have a problem developing and hatching from smaller eggs, so if you are going to try it, I'd suggest choosing the largest eggs.
When I put a rooster to my Hens I was told 7-14 days and the eggs would be fertile. So I would think if your roo boy has been doing the roo boy stuff you should be ok. I would be of the same mind as ddawn - Pick the biggest eggs and I wouldn;t put more than 6 under the silkie. You have nothing to lose in trying!!!!!!!

If your roo is mating with your hens the second egg after the mate will be fertile. Good luck

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