How soon?


8 Years
Jun 5, 2011
Hi! Last night (11:23) my first chick hatched! How long until it will start eating and drinking? I kinda showed it how to with my finger. It kinda got the idea and has nibbled off of a piece barely..But hasn't drank any water..Right now it's 1:13.
If your worried about it drinking holds its beak in the water until it drinks (a couple of seconds) then take it out. after that it should know how to drink.
new chicks absorb their yolks right before hatching, which gives them a 3-day supply of nutrients. they do not need to eat or drink for about 3 days after hatching
most of them though WILL start to eat and drink earlier (they are chickens, afterall) but yours sounds normal. the first day is mainly for sleeping and recovering from the ordeal of hatching.

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