How Spoiled are your chickens???

My chicken is very spoiled (I had 2 chickys until 1 month ago) - I am Lavender's servant, & I love it! She's a Lavender Pekin bantam. Very sweet & quite a little princess. She spends most of her time indoors at the moment, especially since poor little Beatrice died. I spend hours out in the garden "chickening" as I call it - which involves going round the garden digging for worms, turning over stones/rocks, lifting plant pots in search of'bugs, centipedes, spiders, small snails, beetles, grubs etc. Lavender (& Bea used to) watches me do all the hard work, trying not to get her feathery feet muddy or wet, as I present her with assorted delicacies on the end of a garden weeding tool. I can't pick creepy-crawlies up with bare hands. All I need now is a red velvet cushion on which to present my offerings for her approval! I still find it amazing that she understands such a lot of what I say. She understands "look", "come on then", "do you want to go out?", "what's that?", "chicky bedtime", "no", "spider" & all sorts of other things! Really, she does. I know what most of her assorted "words" mean too.

She has a dust bath in a cat litter tray, full of chinchilla dust, in the living room which I move it into a patch of sun if there's any. She always wants some of whatever I'm eating & jumps up on the sofa next to me so she can see what I've got & give her some. Some times she wants to sleep indoors in a cat-carrying basket full of hay, upstairs in the spare bedroom. Sometimes she chooses to go to bed back out in her shed/garage - she has a fleece-covered perch (thick fake sheepskin) - nice & cosy. Sometimes I give her a hot water bottle!

When she's indoors she shouts & hollers at the bottom of the stairs if I go upstairs & she's left on her own even for a few minutes. Sometimes I carry her up to the bedroom so she's not alone downstairs & I can get dressed in peace.

Carry on spoiling your chicken - it will be much appreciated. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see a happy, content animal & knowing that I have enriched their life in some way.
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Lavender is a very lucky little girl!! Sounds like she has a wonderful life with a very loving Mom!! (or chicken servant...)
Every morning at 7, i bring my girls out their treats. They love bread and cabbage. I cut it all in tiny pieces for them. They come running to the treat pan and then i chat with them. I tell them what a good job they are doing laying eggs and to keep up the good work. As they are picking at their treats, i study them for any odd health problems. I have a mirror in the coop for preening. I also have pics of eggs and chickens and a corner shelf with figurines on it, ( chickens of course). I've been collecting pic. frames and soon will take their pics and display them also. My girls are princesses and won't go in the snow or the mud and they hardly ever leave a dirty egg in the nest. I love my dream girls and they love me,

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