How the heck can I get rid of these WASPS???????

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    The wasps are AWFUL this year! I am sure there are alot of nests that I can't find, but I have been going out every night "on the hunt" and spraying everything I can find. My kids are scared to go out in the yard, and we even have some getting in the house. I think there are alot of nests behind the siding on the house and in the eaves around the attic.

    HELP!!!! Does anyone have any more ideas??? Will moth balls repel them from the attic? Any bait traps that REALLY work?? HELP US! I have to get these under control.....

    Also.... got alot of fire ants around the garden...... anything that will get rid of them that isn't toxic?

    Thanks for all of your help!

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    follow their path... see where they are entering and button it up... caulk or whatever...

    ants... do a google search... i heard one grandma tell me one time that she used like pepper sauce or pepper sprinkles??? and it's kept ants out.
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    I'll be watching this thread..
    we have a big problem with them too... they try to nest EVERYWHERE! [​IMG]
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    Cryo suit and a power washer.
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    For the wasps those fake wasp nests work. Hang them up in the yard, since they respect other's space they will first 'attack' the invader and when they can't win (they don't seem to figure out it's fake) they leave. Works much better if you put them up before the nest establish for the year though, but it will improve your situation. The foam bomb sprays that you can do at night are very effective if you can find the nests. DE is the only thing I have heard of that would be non toxic and you need an attractant for that, so put out sugar water, honey or such in a way that forces them to land in the DE. Hopefully they dust up enough to take enough back to the nest to harm the queen and the eggs. It would be real hit and miss I'd think but others say it works if you keep it up.

    Fire Ants I don't know, we don't have them here but I use DE direct on nests for the regular ants. I guess you could try it.
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    Just found out I am allergic and finding new ways to repel them.

    If you save all the wasp nests and glue them onto the eaves of the house, the scouts that are flying around now, will pass your place up because they are very territorial. They sell some online as well. Google wasp deterrent. They are 2 for $20 plus shipping and look like a hornet nest.

    Also, to make traps that work...take a 2 liter bottle, cut the top off an inch below the neck, invert it into the bottom of the bottle and secure it in place. Mix a cup of sugar, a quart of water, and a few drops red food color as an attractant. They enter the top to get the bait and can't fly or crawl back out. Wasp can't take off vertically, they stay in there and die. You can reuse them if you make them where you can clean them out. They work GREAT to get rid of a lot of the scouts that are out this time of year.

    There are different kinds of wasp. hornets and yellow jackets are included in that list so be very cautious if you are allergic. They come out of the woodwork when temps hit above 60 degrees. During the cool part of the early morning they are very sluggish and easier to hunt and kill.

    They are attracted to bright wear dull colors to hunt them down. That's all I remember off top of my head......

    HOPE THAT HELPS!!!!! I am 33 and had never been stung until last Fall. Now I have been stung 4 times!!!!! [​IMG] I have made it my personal mission to get revenge on those little flying demons...I hope you kill a million!!!!!!
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    Pyrethrum (PI) it is used to kill all sorts of bugs, can be used on the flock as a lice and mite killer as well as fleas and ticks. I have used it on my chickens and goats. In a powder form. It also comes in a spray, I have seen it used on the tv show where the guy gets rid of all kinds of pests Billy the exterminator(?) (Vexcon ) is the name of his company I think?

    Here is the site to the show!

    I also found this to help clarify the difference between man made, and the natural pyrethrum. This site says Permethrin is very toxic to cats.
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    There are wasp nest sprays that will kill the wasps in seconds and it allows you to spray from very far away.
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    Quote:YES!!!! I couldn't remember the name of it! Thanks for the link! These things are so cool...and cheap!!!!

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