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    Okay, please do not throw stuff at me. The Fred part of DebFred asked me a question I wasn't sure how to answer.

    I know you don't have to have a rooster to get eggs, but if you want chicks, you need a rooster. Fred asked me how the Rooster and Hen makes chicks. I know the rooster will mount the hen. But is there penetration or does the chicky making stuff just get to where it needs to go?

    I am not trying to be funny. Leave it to DH to come up with this. I never will figure out this man I've been married to for over 27 years. It is a legit question, but I would have never thought of the question. To me, it's enough to know you need a rooster and a hen for chickys...



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    This is from the rae part of donrae~

    My understanding is pretty basic. I don't believe roosters have a penis. They both have a cloaca (did I spell that right? It's late!), basically an opening. On the hen it's where the egg comes out. When the roo mounts the hen the cloacas have to touch, folks refer to it as the cloacal kiss sometimes. I'm guessing the semen is under some pressure? and gets transferred into the hen. I do know she can store it internally for up to 2 weeks and lay fertile eggs that long from one mating.

    Or you can tell him "When the rooster loves the hen SO much that love just makes a new baby in her" Give it a try and tell him you read it on the interwebz so it must be true!

    Then call him a pervert for thinking of chickens mating. [​IMG]

    I can't wait to see what other responses you get!
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    The cell that has the potential to become a baby (which is what we call the "egg" in human ladies) is in the egg yoke. As donrae explained the rooster does not have any sort of outward appendage. They both have openings called cloaca. The rooster basically has a sperm glob that gets inside the hen when they touch. The hen will lay eggs that are fertile (meaning that the sperm was present internally in the hen when the hen ovulated and the egg formed) for up to 2 weeks after being mated. So, one mating can result in multiple fertile eggs.

    Now, a fertile egg is just a potential chick, it is NOT an embryo. It will not start to develop into a chick until it reaches the right temp and humidity that result from a broody hen nesting on the eggs (or an incubator). So, a hen will ideally mate then lay eggs for several days/weeks until she has a clutch of fertile eggs, then brood and sit on those eggs. Once she sits the eggs will all start developing at the same time reguardless of when they were laid. 21 days later all of the chicks will hatch at the same time.
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    As for the stuff being under pressure. As weird as this sounds, the hen sort of sucks it in. The "shake" they do after the deed has been done helps to get it in their sperm saving area. Yes, hens have a place in there they can keep it stored up and viable for a few weeks. It's even been documented that if I hen chooses, she can squirt the stuff back out. A little may stay but most is ejected.
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    This the Fred part of Fred's Hens. [​IMG]

    Galanie got it right. [​IMG]

    The act is fairly quick. He mounts, He touches his organ to her vent. She tilts her vet upward to receive. He dismounts, she shakes. This all can happen in as little as 5 seconds.
    Would you care for a video? My randy cockerel outside will perform, practically on demand. [​IMG]
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    Hilarious but never hurts to ask! Hahahaha! [​IMG]

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    Actually I thought it was a great thread! I am a newbie and my cockeral mounts and does his dance on two of my laying pullets every day and was wondering about this too. Well answered. Thanks![​IMG]
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    Oh Fred, I can just imagine your you-tube account..........naughty, naughty!

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    No, no you cannot. No naughtiness for this guy. Nah. Said in that short, Duck Commander style.

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