How to acquire a few Bantam eggs?


11 Years
May 7, 2008
Long story short - I would like a few (2-4) Bantam eggs for my Buff Brahma Bantam to hatch and raise. Is this possible? I have only boughten baby chicks and never started with eggs. I am really a novice in this area. Any suggestions?
Thanks, Gram
Is she broody?
There are hatching eggs for sale in the marketplace here, also try CL you might be able to get some locally.
i dont kno if this will work for you but ...i wanted some aracuna eggs(i live in uk) and evey one wanted £8-10 pound for 6 i cant afford that outlay on eggs but i went to a local farm shop and asked if thay had any..... funny thing was thay gave me 6 for 95p i was overjoyed well thay where blue eggs so i had 1/2 the puzzel .
maybe u can do the same
if i could id give you some of my bantam eggs there light sussex X with an amracuna roo but iv got a feeling ur too far away
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