How to add a new duck to the flock???


5 Years
Mar 16, 2018
Rochester NY
Hello everyone,

I'm getting a new female duck today to even out my flock. She's a muscovy. Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed once I get home with her? I was told she's very nervous and also is missing some feathers due to an aggressive duck. Should I keep her in the coop with my wounded female and one other duck or just the two? My alpha female is fighting w my wounded one. So she's separated too.
Sounds like your already having issues with the pecking order,added her would just push things and make things worse.
Wouldn’t add her with the wounded fighting duck,she would probably fight her too,muscovies are pretty terrible themselves about fighting so she probably would fight just as bad.Seperate them all in Seperate cages if possible to where they can all see each other.After a week gradually introduce them into the flock one by one.Or just introduce the wounded duck and the new girl together then send them in as one.
That was the plan introduce her slowly to the group. They can see her from the outside. I only have the part they get closed in at night and a bigger pen around that. So'll be interesting for sure. I was thinking about building a smaller coop inside there or maybe dividing the one they sleep in.
I would just put her in a crate,dog crate.Just something movable to where they can walk up tthe her and talk back and fourth or try and fight through the cage without injury.
Are all your ducks muscovoy or just the new one? I have no experience with muscovoys, but my ducks have been super chill (in fact basically oblivious) about adding new ducks.
I have ...
Lucky my wounded female is a white layer
Howard a jumbo Peking
Daffy a Cayuga
Darkwing a Rouen female
Plucky a silver appleyard
Scrooge a khaki Campbell
Daisy a Peking
How many drakes and hens do you have?
Sometimes too little male can cause hens to fight in spring.Happens to me sometimes,and escpecially when my duck group was bigger.
I currently have 3 girls and 5 boys. Today is the first day I let the new girl out. It is going very well she is staying close by my flock and my home. Now I'm just nursing my one female back to health from being overmated.
Too many males,you will probably have an issue with males fighting if you haven’t already,are sure the two fighting aren’t males?Do you know how to properly sex them,or have you just been told?

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