How to Attract Wild Geese and Ducks?


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Nov 12, 2009
White plains
I have a weekend home in upstate NY. On the property is a large wetland. The water is several feet deep, slow moving,in middle of summer gets very sluggish. I would love to have waterfowl, but because I am only there a few days a month domesticated birds are out. I have had the house for about 10 years, in all that time only once have I had wild ducks visit! For 3 weekends in a row I would see them on the water. Then one weekend they where gone. Ny. state has a big problem with over population of Canada geese. Plans are talked about culling some of the birds. The geese are everywhere, yet I have never seen one at my house. The corn fields 1/4 mile away are loaded with geese. What could be some of the things stopping geese from using my pond?
Try getting or borrowing a few decoys to place in the water. Once the geese establish a home there, they will return each year.

ETA: Also, there are several wildlife rescue agencies that are looking for good wetland areas to release birds they had in rehab. Try doing a google search for this type of rescue in your area. You can also try contacting the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue to see if they know of any rescues in NY.
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