How to bond with chicks?


8 Years
Apr 13, 2014
I have six 10 day old chicks. Two Buffs, two Cuckoo Maran, and two Partridge Plymouth Rock. This is my first time raising chicks and I really want to learn as much as I can and take care of them the best I can. I'd also like them to be good pets! Thus far, they don't seem to like being held and they run like crazy from any hand that goes into the brooder. Yesterday I bought a container of meal worms and introduced them them to the chicks. Once they figured out the mealworms were food it was hilarious to watch them chasing each other and playing tug-of-war with the worms. This morning I held the worm in my fingers and got each chick to take the worm from my hand so that they will associate hands with positive things.

What can I do to help the chicks bond with us? Do I hold them even though they don't seem to like it? Any advice on how to bond with them is appreciated.

Thank you and Happy Easter! :)
Hold them as much as possible. cup them in your hands and hold them close to your heart. mine always like to get on my neck and nest in my long hair. Guess it reminds them of mom. I also will cover their body with my hand over top of them. Its what mom would do. they almost immediately go to sleep. Chicks are high strung. No matter how tame, mine always run when I get them out of cage. when you feed worms, tap fingers around worms. keep hand there as chicks come to eat. Keep tapping til worms gone. They will be spoiled rotten before you know it
I'm also trying to figure out how to bond & tame my chicks (16- 1week olds) & I've held a few on a 'regular' basis. Others I can't seem to get a hold of to try & calm down enough to show that I'm not a threat. They're only a week old so I suppose I've still got time. I don't want to scare them! Mine scatter too in terror. I feel terrible I'm frightening them haha. Would mealworms be ok for week old chicks or even some fresh dandelions from our pesticide free yard? When did u start giving them these?
I started yesterday. Just make sure you provide a dish of chick grit if you're giving them food other than starter feed. I don't want to give them too many treats because they need the starter feed to grow properly, but it seems like a good way to develop trust.
Yes they will have chick grit available too when I try to give them a 'treat' & remove it when they don't need it. They do need starter as 99% of their diet. So far they have no interest in fresh dandelions. I think I'll be picking up some mealworms tomm. Thanks for the reply!
my feed store told us we shouldn't start chicken grit till their 2 months.

Grit should be offered at whatever age the chickens are given anything other than commercial chick feed (starter or grower). Their system can digest the commercial feed without having grit, but anything else requires grit for it is a matter of diet, not age.

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