how to break a broody goose???? + introducing new geese?


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13 Years
Apr 7, 2010
both my female geese have gone broody and taken up residence in the hen house (how they got through the door i'll never know!) theyve been on the eggs for a week, but they are not fertile (have no male)
i have tried removing the eggs (very hard to reach in there) but no luck, i get attacked by both 'mum's and my god my arms are ripped to shreds even though i had thick fire proof work gloves on!!

so...a) how do i get them both off the shared nest they made? b) if i can get the eggs will they stop sitting? c) could they hatch out chicken eggs????? i could use them as surragate broodys or will they break chicken eggs?

edited to add - ive just had a phone call, a guy is winging his way over to mine with 6 geese - 3 females - 3 males, after their quarantine time can i just let them in with my 2 geese or do i have to slowly introduce them??
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They are probably to heavy for chicken eggs... If you want them to stop being broody, You should break up the nest and do not let them have ANY eggs... It is best to take them out of the hen house all together or they will just make a nest again and try to take the chicken eggs... Good luck...
Wait til they go out the hen house to eat & drink. Then lock them out & make the entrance only small enough for a chicken. If they only come out one at a time, catch the one out & keep her in a pen until the other one comes out too.

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