How to breed generations starting with just a trio?

Discussion in 'Geese' started by JLam, Nov 9, 2014.

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    Long story short, I am trying to reproduce from a mated trio. They are exhibition Brown Chinese geese I got from the Holderreads but I worry about problems with related offspring matings. The goal is to keep the quality in the long term.

    The Holderreads were downsizing and are no longer breeding Brown Chinese. I happen to get the last of their trio of show quality (1 gander, 2 goose). I was told three birds were not closely related. If I want to keep it in the Holderread’s line without bringing in some unknown blood, what are some ways to go around pairing the offsprings to keep the generations going after generation?

    I thought of a few ways...

    First method is to pair the half-siblings in the 1st generation, and 2nd generation crossing the offsprings of the half-siblings which would be first cousins.

    Second method is to separate the original trio after we get some goslings. The mother of the best gander stays in the pairing. The best gander offspring pairs with the other old goose. This way we have two pairs in which their offsprings could be paired without being siblings.

    Third method is stop scrap this headache and see if anyone on BYC has Holderread Brown Chinese of Show Quality or Elite Show Quality and swap some hatching eggs this spring. This is actually a real offer anyone is interested.

    Any input is greatly appreciated.
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    First of all Welcome to BYC
    I know nothing about breeding but after reading your post I think #3 is your best goal. Hopefully you'll get some takers. also go to your states thread in the "where am I where are you" maybe someone close by has some exhibition Brown Chinese. Would love to see some pics. [​IMG]

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