how to breed marans?


8 Years
Dec 17, 2011
I'm getting black copper, blue copper, splash, and black. The lady told me that breeding splash and black with make blue marans.

Any tips on breeding marans??
What do you mean by that?

Yes, you can breed blue x blue.

Blue, the Andalusian type, is not something that actually breeds true. Instead it is the homozygous form, splash, that does. But blue, the heterozygous form, is kept in breeding blue x black, blue x blue, or splash x blue, or splash x black. All but splash x black give you less than 100% blue offspring though.
The Marans blue is the SAME as Andalusian blue except true, good show Andalusians have lacing

Blue x Blue does produce blue, but only 50%. The other 50% is either splash (homozygous blue) or black.
You know how breeding black to improve blue in orps. Is it the same with marans? And can you make a blue copper?

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