How to build transport crates?


10 Years
Jan 22, 2010
My Mom wants something to carry a few silky batams to the TSC trade day. I thought I would build her something for her birthday. What would you suggest? wood frame with wire? or the old style of all wooden slats? Do you have to worry about the toes or heads stitcking out the wire and getting hurt? Would you put a solid bottom? I'm thinking about poop falling through in the car. Ideas please???
See if you can find a dog crate to use for the day. One of the plastic ones with the solid bottom would fit the bill. If you're only going to use it for a day, see if you can borrow one from a friend.

I want it to be a nice one, for future use. She goes to about every one they have, using cardboard boxes and such. I just thought it would make a nice gift. Something with handles on the ends and lite weight so it will be easy for her to lift. I was thinking about 2ft by 1ft, just enough to carry 2 or 3 bantams.
I love gifts that people actually want and can use.

A quick google search turned up this antique carrier.

I'm thinking a solid bottom with a lid from a plastic storage bin laid on it to aid in clean-up. The sides could be made log cabin style from 1X2's. The top could be a solid piece or made from wire to allow viewing from the top.

Just a thought.
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