How to care for day old ducklings while at work!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by luckyduckys, Feb 8, 2014.

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    Jan 21, 2014
    Hi there,

    I've been anticipating the arrival of my day old ducklings in the spring. I've been on maternity leave for the past year (going back next week, barf!) and I'm only thinking now about what I will do while I am away from them at work. Is this a silly question? Are they ok by themselves for 8 hours?


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    Yeah they will be fine, it's going to sound silly but don't handle them to much as such a young age as they will imprint on you and they will quack there little heart out until you come back, I had a guinea fowl keet which couldn't bear to be away from me (she was the only one that hatched) I had to take her everywhere, and I mean even to the toilet to stop her waking my young son up lol. Just give them plenty of water and food and it shouldn't be a problem x
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    I would make sure to test out the brooder on the weekend, or evening before the ducklings arrive and even get a thermometer (not a mercury one, but maybe a digital one) so you'll know the brooder won't get too hot or cold.

    Test out the waterer, the feeder, get a good safe watering station set up, because many of us did not realize that ducklings will empty a waterer so fast! And then they will be without water, the brooder will be a swamp, and that is not healthy.

    Yes, I speak from experience - but I was blessed to be able to be at home, and could quickly fix things up. Many times I quickly fixed things up, till I started getting the hang of it.

    Water - don't want the ducklings to drown, get chilled, or dehydrated. Or stuck.

    Not to worry you, but help you think through ahead of time and avoid heartache and tragedy.
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    For qater, many people use a Tupper ware or some other plastic container just tall enough for the ducklings to reach their neck over and into the bottom. Cut a hole in the lid big enough for them to put their head in but not big enough for them to get inside it. You could also use a gallon jug with the lid on, cut a hole in the side big enough for their head right above the water level. I this this is better than the Tupperware, since they may get stuck upside down in the hole.
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    Get your brooder set up before they arrive and make sure the light works and the temps aren't too hot or too cold.
    Then pick them up at the post office in the morning, bring them home to the brooder and on your way to work. Just make sure you give them food and water.

    As you are getting more than one, handling them should not be an issue. They will have been in a box for a couple of days and already bonding to each other, so not likely they will imprint on you totally if they have other friends to hang with.

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