How to Chill?

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by jre8806, Mar 29, 2018.

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    Mar 27, 2018
    The wife and I are trying meat birds out for the first time. We have a very small flock of 11 cornish cross broilers. Is there a specific way to chill these birds after slaughter? I've heard bits and pieces, but nothing really concrete. Is it just regular water and ice for 48 hours or more? Or do you put sea salt in the water, or something else? If so, what for? Any tips will help. They're currently at 4 and a half weeks.
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    I just put mine in an ice chest with ice and water (lots of ice) put ice in the birds cavity also. I let them sit it there till I was done butchering adding more ice when needed. Then let them set for a couple of hours while I cleaned everything up. Then I when through them again and bagged them up and put them in the fridge fore a couple of days to age and then froze. Hope that helped.
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    Also I got my supplies from cornerstone farms I used shrink bags you dip them in hot water for a couple of seconds makes a nice looking product. I did 25 birds last year I have 30 now that are 3 weeks old. The birds I did last year are holding excellent in the shrink bags and I put another regular plastic bag over the top of that they are still awesome just fried one the other night.

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